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Post  ekam3000 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:05 pm

How to Land Multiple Attacks at the Same Second!

First you have to max out the repeat rate of your keyboard. The concept is to setup the enter key so that when you press and hold the key it repeats as fast as possible. Using Windows XP, go to control panel and then to keyboard. You should see an option for repeat delay, and repeat rate. Repeat delay is the delay in between the initial keystroke and the repeated keystrokes after it. You need to eliminate this delay completely so there is no real need to shorten this setting. You ultimately just want the repeat rate setting to be set as fast as possible.

Step 2. You have to use Firefox. Unfortunately, the doesn’t work using Internet Explorer. So… install Firefox, its free!

Step 3. Using multiple tabs, set up all of your catapult waves. Also put a fake attack in your very first tab. Prep everything and set all your catapult targets or whatever kind of target you want for the attack you are making. Do not send any attacks yet!!!!

Step 4. Put your browser into offline mode: Go to file and in the drop down menu select work offline.

Step 5. Send all your waves. You should get an error saying that you are offline and can’t load the webpage. That is exactly what you want. After you have tabbed through and sent all of your waves, click on your first tab to bring it back to the front.

Step 6. Go to file and in the drop down menu, unselect work offline.

Step 7. Make the Firefox window so small that you can only see the first tab and you can’t actually see any of the webpage. (Try skipping this step and see the difference it makes as you most likely are confused as to why this helps.)

Step 8. Right click on the first tab and select “reload ALL tabs”

Final Step. An error message will come up asking if you want to resend data in order to load the page. Press and hold Enter. Maximize your window after all the attacks get sent, and in your rally point, cancel the fake wave you used to eliminate the repeat delay.
I suggest everyone try this out several times on practice runs so you will know what to do when the time comes when you really need it. Again, try it multiple times before you really “HAVE TO USE IT”, it take some getting used to.
Also, you can practice the above by sending reinforcements to your own villages rather than attacking someone until you have it down. Then…. Destroy them once you’ve perfected the process!!!


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