using firefox 3 on travian

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using firefox 3 on travian Empty using firefox 3 on travian

Post  ekam3000 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:43 pm

Using firefox 3 you can easily send many attacks to land over 1 or 2 second period.

1. Download and install firefox 3

2. Find your target, right click "send troops" and open link in a new tab, repeat until you have as many tabs open as waves you want to send.

3. In the first tab put in your clearing wave (make sure to save some attackers to escort your cats in subsequent waves), in subsequent tabs enter in your escort troops and cats

4. Select attack and hit ok in each tab, choose your catapult targets.

5. Go to file and in the drop menu towards the bottom select the "work offline" option.

6. Go into each tab and click ok to send the troops, an error screen will appear this is normal and means you are doing it correctly.

7. Once you have clicked ok in all tabs and have the error screen popped up in each one, make sure your clearing wave is in the left most tab and highlight that tab. Go back to file and click the "work offline" option again.

8. In the first tab (clearing wave) right click the tab and select "reload all tabs"

9. As soon as you do this you will get a pop message. Here is where you need to be quick. Hit enter as fast as you can until all the pop up messages are gone.

10. check your rally point to make sure that the clearing wave is the first to land and that all waves were sent properly.

You can practice this technique in a number of ways. I prefer sending waves at an oasis I control with no troops in it. Once you had done this 2-3 times it is really easy and VERY effective.


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