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Post  ekam3000 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:34 pm

To coordinate an effective fake:
1) Pick a time (some times a time might be given to you)
2) Pick the villages (again these might be given)
3) From the sending village 3-20 minutes in advance, set up all of the attack windows.
4) Arange the windows in chronological order so that the first is on top, last is on bottom.
5) At the correct time click ok to send.

This should time all of your attacks very close together (if you are good at it you can get them to all land in the same second, but in reality, within 5 seconds is usually sufficient)

Two units should always be timed together at least. Three is enough for an effective fake more than that is generally wasteful. For fakes either cats or rams can be used, with rams it might make it obvious to the person that it is a fake but they have to be online and notice the send to be 100% sure it was a ram not a cat.

This process is the same for regular attacks, but in this case you send only one unit in each attack.

SEND ONLY ONE UNIT IN EACH ATTACK. Any more than one unit in a fake is a waste of resources.

This process is time consuming but highly effective, It throws an enemy off guard as well as annoying the crap out of him & his alliance by flooding it with pointless reports. The primary purpose of flooding fakes is to confuse the enemy. They can't track all of them and know when what times new ones were sent. This will wear them down if they choose to reinforce them and try to feed them for days. It will also pull troops away from the primary target if they are not the primary target.


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