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Reinforcement request form Empty Reinforcement request form

Post  ekam3000 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:17 am

If you are getting attacked and need reinforcements, please use this form for all requests. Just copy and paste it into a new thread. It will help us get you reinforcements much faster.

If time is an issue and you must send an MM out immediately, copy/paste the form and IGM it to ekam3000. This information is important and rein requests will not be considered without it.

Your Account Name:
Village(s) being attacked (provide name & coords):
Player attacking/Player's Alliance (include link to profile):
Village Attack is coming from (provide name & coords):
Time attacks land (in UTC):
Is it catapults?: yes/no
Current defensive troops in village:
Current Wall Level:
Current Granary Capacity:
Current Wheat in Granary:
Current Wheat Production:

Other info:

When should I ask for reinforcements?

Are the attacks catapult speed?

Is the attack a raid? Just look in your rally point and see if it says "raid" or "attack".

Is it a single attack or multiple waves?

If you've determined the attacks to be catapult speed then you should always ask for reins unless it's a single wave attack. If it's just one wave then you need to make a decision if it's worth it to put thousands of defenders at risk when the most damage that can occur on your village is a wall and two buildings destroyed. The only exception to this would be a capital with wheat fields over level 16.

If you've determined the attack to be a raid or it is not at catapult speed you should never ask for reins. It's never worth it to put other players troops at risk when you can just spend down and dodge and receive no damage.


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